Matrex is a vectorial spreadsheet. It gives you the same functionalities of a classic spreadsheet application in a new, different way.
Matrex is excellent when working with blocks of data coming from databases, feeds, files, external applications, simulations.
Matrex is different because:

Function The functions (formulas) are applied to entire blocks of data (called matrices), not to single cells.
Viewers Presentations and charts are visible only when you want, not all the time.
Multithreading Calculations don't block the application and can be done in parallel (multithreading).
Multiple users can share their sheets and delegate the calculations to external CPUs, because of the optional Matrex client/server architecture.
SQL You can use SQL to filter, sort and group data in the vectorial spreadsheet.
Open It is open (and it will be always more).  For example it can be used as a library and can connect to several other applications.
Dependencies It is more readable. No repetitions, nothing mixed together, everything has a name.

Matrex is different but, as you can see from the picture above, it has everything you need: presentations (spreadsheets) and charts.

Matrex is the perfect tool for mathematical models and for other statistical, engineering, physical, and generally scientific calculations.

Here is a guide for who used traditional spreadsheets before.