Matrex is open

Several features, some already available, some coming in the next future, make Matrex an open system.

Open Matrex

Matrex API

The Matrex API makes any Matrex project available to any java application (or at least through a java interface). This means: you don't need Matrex to work with a Matrex project, you can do you your own application or adapt one.

The feature is currently available.

Import/Export of Excel or Calc files

Matrex allows to import or export .xls and .ods files. This means that you can add matrices to a Matrex object extracting them from a spreadsheet; or you can save a spreadsheet file containing Matrex  matrices.

The feature will be available in version 1.1 or 1.2.


Matrex gives you the freedom to work in two ways:
If you use a Matrex Server you can:
Matrex client/server be available in version 2.0.


If you don't find the function/formula you need in Matrex, or the performances are not enough you can connect Matrex to Matlab, Scilab, Octave or R.

Matlab, Scilab and Octave adapters are available, R adapters will be available in the next future.

Templates building

If you don't find the function/formula you need in Matrex, you can make it. Just write a new template using java or a JVM script language (Jython and JRuby are available).
You can also write the equivalent of a spreadsheet macro as a Matrex function.

The feature is currently available.

Collaboration with Excel and Calc

You can use Matrex from Excel or Calc for example to calculate some functions/formulas that operate on matrices or blocks.
You can use Excel or Calc from Matrex for example to calculate functions/formulas that operate on scalars.

The feature will be available in version 1.1 or 1.2.

Matrex is open source

Matrex is licensed under GPL. This means that if something does not work or does not work as you like you have access to the code and you can change it.

Documentation and information

All this freedom is beautiful, but if you want to use Matrex, to change something in Matrex, to build new functions, you need to know how Matrex works.
The people that tried Matrex tell that it has a very good and complete documentation. In version 1.1 the application will have a contex help (press F1...).
Anyway, if you don't find what you want, ask. In general you get an answer in hours or a few days.