These are the documents about Matrex:

Main User Documentation

The documentation needed to understand Matrex and work with it.

Name Sample Description
PDFMain Main Gives an introduction to Matrex: 
  • what is Matrex
  • the difference between Matrex  and a spreadsheet
  • the main concepts in Matrex
  • the evolution of Matrex
HTMLHow to use Matrex How to use Tells in detail how to use this program:
  • analyzes the GUI window by window, dialog by dialog
  • can be used as an help document 
HTMLMatrex templates list templates List of the available Matrex templates with documentation (descriptions, input and output matrices, parameters). To find out which template to use for your function.
PDFMatrex templates guide templates Matrex templates guide. Some general information about Matrex templates and how to find the template you need.
PDFMatrex internal SQL (ISQL) internal sql How to use the ISQL (internal SQL) function template to calculate Matrex vectors using SQL.
PDFMatrex Server
The Matrex Server: its purpose, how to install it,use it, configure it, how it works, troubleshooting.

High Level User Documentation

For people that want to do something more with Matrex.

Name Sample Description

PDFMatrex function coding
Function coding teaches how to write a template function:
  • general technical concepts about functions in Matrex
  • how to write a function in Java or as a script
PDFMatrex internal structure structure explains how Matrex works
  • API, GUI and Functions modules
  • internal structure of a Matrex project
  • order in which functions are calculated
PDFMatrex API Matrex APi shows how to use Matrex as a library in other applications.
Server JMX
to use JMX, for example with JConsole, to debug the content of the server

Technical Documentation

Specifications for developers.

Name Sample Description
PDFClient Server Client Server Specification for the future Matrex client/server architecture (Matrex version 2.0)

Some of the documents are also included in the setup files.