Remote Projects

Remote projects are projects located in a Matrex Server. The Matrex Server is an console application running on your PC or on a different computer in the LAN.
Working with a remote project is different than working with a local project, because:
The reasons to use remote projects instead of local ones are, among others, the following:
To open or create a remote project, the first thing to do is to connect to the Matrex Server where the project is supposed to run.

Connect to a server

To connect to a Matrex Server click on the File->Connect menu:

File Menu

The connection process consists in entering the computer address and the server name in the Connect Dialog and, if it is possible to connect to the server, logging in to it.
If you connected and logged in correctly, the remote machine tab will appear (here with the top menu open):

remote machine

The tab caption in this case is rmi://localhost/default. Of this:

Creating a remote project

Clicking on the New Project menu the new project dialog appears. Writing the name of the new project and clicking OK the project is created on the server.
So, there is no need to choose a directory (like for the local projects), because, to keep things simple, in a server all projects are located in the same directory (by default srvprj).
Once the project is created its content can be created using the trees in the project's tab.

Opening a remote project

Clicking on the Open Project  menu the Open Remote Project Dialog appears, on which you select a project on the server and open it.
At this point you can display and modify its content using the trees in the project's tab.