The Presentation Viewer

Presentation Viewer

The Presentation Viewer shows the content of a presentation.
If the content of the presentation changes (because one of the contained matrices changed) the viewer shows the changes immediately.

Selecting a cell its content becomes bold and its coordinates appear on the bottom. If the cell is part of of a matrix the name of the matrix appears in the status bar on the bottom together with the coordinates. We say that the matrix is selected in the presentation.
Double-clicking on the status bar shows the status bar text in a message box.

Presentation Viewer Menu

The Viewer has a toolbar with the following choices (the same as the presentation grid in the presentation editor):
  1. Fit Columns: changes the width of the presentation's columns to display their whole content. It is based on a sample of the rows and therefore it can be inaccurate.
  2. Refresh: shows the correct content of the presentation after removing a collision problem.

  3. Copy Selection: copies the selected rows of the displayed presentation to the clipboard as cells.

  4. Export: allows to export the presentation to a (HTML, csv, xls) file.�

  5. Edit <matrix name-package>: edits the selected matrix using the matrix editor. In this way you can change the content of the matrix contained in a presentation directly from the presentation.

  6. Print: Prints the content of the presentation with a printer.