The Chart Viewer

The chart viewer is used to display charts.
If the content of the chart changes (because one of the contained matrices changed or because you are editing the chart) the viewer shows the changes immediately.
The viewer can show all kinds of charts included in the system.

If the chart is 2d
(JFreeChart) clicking on it with the right button of the mouse a menu appears. This menu is a part of the JFreeChart package. Therefore to understand its functionalities you can look at the JFreeChart documentation.
What's important is that from it you can print and save the chart.

JFreeChart Menu

If the chart is 3d (FreeHep) the menu is much simpler:

Chart 3D Menu

The Export menu allows to export the chart to a JPEG file.
As with the presentations, you choose the path of the file to export in a save dialog and decide if you want to open the new file with a browser. From there you can print it.